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I am a postdoctoral fellow in effective public speaking and communication skills at the Center for Academic Success and Transformative Learning at Colby College in Maine. My work at Colby focuses on fostering and improving effective communication in higher education. My research ranges from pedagogical writing on the ways that fiction is beneficial in the teaching of science and technology to literary analysis of young adult literature. Previously a tenured associate professor of literature in the United States and a senior lecturer of communication in Sweden, I believe in the power of teaching and learning to transform students, professors, and society.

I have previously lived in Gothenburg, Sweden as well as cities in South Carolina, California, Texas, Kansas, and Connecticut. To learn a bit about my travels, take a look here. You can see my fellow traveler Watson in the picture on this page. Not pictured are my husband Ed, whose skills with avoiding being photographed -- and with making puns -- are unparalleled, or my puppy Gromit, who is usually too busy chewing something to slow down and be photographed.

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